Mainland China Box Office Performance in Week 47

2011/11/23 14:38:00 (Beijing Time)   Source:EntGroup Consulting    By:Vivi Wang

According to China Box-office statistics by enbase, the mainland Box-office gross in Week 47 (Nov 14-20, 2011) reached $40.64 million, showing a 20% box-office growth from last month, a 44% increase compared to the same time last year. Moviegoers this week counted as 8.03 million in total, 23% drop compared to last month. The super dark horse “Love is Not Blind” repeated championship gaining $14.92 million, followed by “The Adventures of Tintin” with $9.39 million. “Reel Steel” Took in $5.77 million taking the Top 3 spot. Local films market share slid down to 47% comparing to last week’s 59% correspondingly.

Even considering the past of china’s “Single Day”, super dark horse "Love is Not Blind" still ruled the domestic charts with $14.92 million in sales at mainland theaters, while total gross of $43.41 million since been screened 14 days ago. As a result it gained the second-high box office revenue so far this year following “Beginning of the Great Revival”. Benefiting from good reputation spread from mouth-to-mouth among the audiences, it was showed on 85802 screens this week comparing to 94411 screens of last week, a slight 9% down relatively.

"The Adventures of Tintin”, the Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson animated adventure's mainland China debut is not as impressive as expected, just a modest $9.39 million in ticket sales in its 6 days run, due to its indistinct Orientation and poor market promotion. But the film is unique in the sense that the franchise is enjoyed and appreciated by a very wide audience right from kids to adults who grew up on Tintin. “The Adventures of Tintin” still deemed a bright market future. The other two Hollywood blockbusters “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”and “Immortals”took in $1.58 million and $4.43 million respectively. The “Apes” almost crossed the line of RMB 2 billion in terms of box office in mainland film market. Fresh domestic film“Legendary Amazons”debuted to poor performance of $3.53 million within 3 days run.

Low-budget local movie "Love is Not Blind" slayed its competitors of four Hollywood blockbusters at this week’s box office, taking the top spot repeatedly. The constant boom of this romance has a positive significance to guide the production of domestic films and set a good example for low/ medium scale movie. This film’s success indicates that the mode of “good story+ capable director+ talented actors+ suitable market promoting+ marketable distribution schedule” is the very effective approach to earn impressive ticket sales. But it is still too early to forecast its market future, considering the core target audience is young people only.


According to the data published by enbase, “Love is Not Blind” ruled the screening rate of mainland again this week, enjoying 33% overall, a slight 5% down comparing to last week, Followed by“The Adventures of Tintin” as 14% of screening rate. The same time worldwide released 3D movie "Immortals” ‘s performance surpassed expectations, for this reason it’s screening rate went up 57% comparing to last week’s, taking 13% in the market. When it comes to the prime time screening schedule and additional screening schedule, “Love is Not Blind” took most of the advantage, and "Legendary Amazons” took place of “The Adventures of Tintin”, enjoying the second prime time & additional screening rate since its been released.

In the coming Week 48 (21-27, Nov 2011), films as below are going to be released in mainland China.

Enbase is an up-to-date database system developed by entgroup. It contains detailed information of more than 300,000 films and television shows, including information of the distributors, directors, cast, etc as well as film box-office record and audience attendance rate.

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