• Weekly box office > Hong Kong
Date:    Unit: HK$
Rank Movie Gross Total Gross Screening days Screens Per Screen Average
HK$698 HK$1,641 12 HK$N/A
2 A Quiet Place HK$569 HK$1,123 12 HK$N/A
3 Ready Player One HK$462 HK$4,431 26 HK$N/A
4 Secret Superstar HK$376 HK$907 12 HK$N/A
5 Tomorrow Is Another Day HK$237 HK$395 12 HK$N/A
6 Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum HK$126 HK$144 5 HK$N/A
7 Isle of Dogs HK$51 HK$51 5 HK$N/A
8 Tonight, at the Movies HK$45 HK$52 5 HK$N/A
9 Peter Rabbit HK$27 HK$1,054 26 HK$N/A
10 The Strange Ones HK$24 HK$24 5 HK$N/A
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