• Weekly box office > Hong Kong
Date:    Unit: HK$
Rank Movie Gross Total Gross Screening days Screens Per Screen Average
HK$1,634 HK$1,634 4 HK$N/A
2 La La Land HK$179 HK$3,420 39 HK$N/A
3 Patriots Day HK$147 HK$399 25 HK$N/A
4 Moonlight (2016) HK$133 HK$203 11 HK$N/A
5 The Girl with All the Gifts HK$83 HK$87 4 HK$N/A
6 John Wick: Chapter Two HK$69 HK$1,195 25 HK$N/A
7 T2 Trainspotting HK$69 HK$69 4 HK$N/A
8 Manchester by the Sea HK$67 HK$119 11 HK$N/A
9 Fifty Shades Darker HK$65 HK$1,212 25 HK$N/A
10 Sisterhood HK$56 HK$132 11 HK$N/A
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