• Weekly box office > Hong Kong
Date:    Unit: HK$
Rank Movie Gross Total Gross Screening days Screens Per Screen Average
HK$1,068 HK$8,108 32 HK$N/A
2 Lightyear HK$403 HK$935 11 HK$N/A
3 Jurassic World: Dominion HK$338 HK$4,800 25 HK$N/A
4 Uncharted HK$266 HK$274 4 HK$N/A
5 Broker HK$148 HK$175 4 HK$N/A
6 The Black Phone HK$85 HK$85 5 HK$N/A
7 Elvis HK$79 HK$79 4 HK$N/A
8 Sumikkogurashi: The Little Wizard in the Blue Moonlight HK$72 HK$72 4 HK$N/A
9 The Lost City HK$67 HK$171 11 HK$N/A
10 Look Up HK$45 HK$48 4 HK$N/A
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