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Genres:Crime Countries:India
Release date:2009-9-11 India more>>
Cast and Crew:
Directed by  |  Writing credits  |  Produced by  |  Original Music by  |  Cinematography by  |  Film Editing by  |  Visual Effects by
Directed by:
Writing credits:
Ikram Akhtar...written by
Produced by:
Sunil Saini...producer
Mukesh Shah...producer
Original Music by:
Cinematography by:
Film Editing by:
Visual Effects by:
Ranadheer Reddy...compositing supervisor
Gaurvendra compositor
Suchita Suryamurty...visual effects coordinator
Movie Gross Admissions
Give Me Five
Moonman US$3.75(M) 632935
New Gods: Yang Jian US$3.57(M) 589942
Table for Six US$3.44(M) 715658
Song of Spring US$2.19(M) 375504
Hero US$0.87(M) 149090
Wolf Pack US$0.76(M) 159252
Septet: The Story ... US$0.74(M) 115224
Warriors of Future US$0.71(M) 118365
In Search of Lost ... US$0.68(M) 138205