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Genres:Drama Countries:Indonesia
Release date:2000-8-4 Switzerland more>>
Countries Release date Describe
Switzerland 2000-8-4 (Locarno Film Festival)
Canada 2000-9-25 (Vancouver International Film Festival)
SouthKorea 2000-10-8 (Pusan International Film Festival)
Japan 2000-11-1 (Tokyo International Film Festival)
Indonesia 2000-11-7 (Jakarta International Film Festival)
UK 2000-11-7 (London Film Festival)
Italy 2000-12-8 (Asiatica Film Mediale)
Netherlands 2001-1-27 (International Film Festival Rotterdam)
Netherlands 2001-3-31 (Amnesty International Film Festival)
Singapore 2001-4-22 (Singapore International Film Festival)
Australia 2001-8-1 (Brisbane Film Festival)
Australia 2001-8-10 (Sydney Asia Pacific Film Festival)
France 2001-11-23 (Autumn Film Festival)
USA 2002-11-7 (Hawaii Film Festival)
Movie Gross Admissions
Across The Furious...
So Long for Love US$12.12(M) 2084499
New Dimension! Cra... US$6.60(M) 1515261
Trending Topic US$6.17(M) 1117244
Beyond The Clouds US$2.89(M) 518585
Napoleon US$2.76(M) 472299
Who’s the suspect US$1.95(M) 329658
Wish US$1.78(M) 337546
If We Were Lucky US$1.74(M) 327654
Love Life Light US$1.73(M) 298102