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Genres:Comedy / Drama Countries:Canada
Release date:1994-9-8 Canada more>>
Cape Scott [N/A]
Seventh Art Releasing [USA] ...(1995) (USA)
Alliance [N/A]
William F. White International [Canada] ...producers wish to thank
Watervisions [N/A] ...underwater photography
Vancouver Public Aquarium [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
University of BC Aquatic Centre [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
Téléfilm Canada [N/A] ...produced with the participation of (as Telefilm Canada)
Total Music Technology [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
The Prop Shop [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
The Image Bank [N/A] ...whale footage (as The Image Bank Canada)
Televector Disc [N/A] ...payroll services
Studio Bistro [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
Spelling Television [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
Sharpe Sound Studios [Canada] ...sound post-production
Sharkbait Productions [N/A] ...whale footage
S.L. Feldman & Associates [Canada] supervision
Roland Canada [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
Reaction Studios [N/A] recorded at
Post Haste Video [N/A] transfers
Pangea Studio [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
Original Conforming Services [Canada] ...negative conforming
Ontario Place Corporation [N/A] ...whale footage
Ontario Film Development Corporation [Canada] ...produced with the participation of
Northwest Imaging & FX [N/A] ...killer whale effects sequence created by
North Shore Studios [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
New Brighton Pool [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
Netcom Communications [N/A] ...communications equipment
Music Industries Corporation [N/A] ...producers wish to thank (distributor of Fatar keyboards)
Mount Pleasant Furniture [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
Mirage Illumination [N/A] ...grip and lighting equipment
Michael Ochs Archive [N/A] ...still photos supplied by
Main Development [N/A] ...very special thanks
Mackie Designs [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
M.M.I. Product Placement [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
Kodak Canada [N/A] negative
Jam Industries [N/A] ...producers wish to thank (distributors of Korg, Digitech, Pearl, Afro, Dod, Inkel, Fostex & Quick Lok products)
Isolar [N/A] ...producers wish to thank (as Isolar Management)
Impark Rentals [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
I.A.T.S.E. Local 669 [Canada] ...acknowledgment
Hazard Island Productions [N/A] ...whale footage
Harvard Rentals [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
Hafler Amplifiers [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
Greenpeace [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
Grapes Restaurant [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
Foundation to Underwrite New Drama for Pay Television (FUND) [N/A] ...produced with the participation of
Film House [USA] ...optical transfer
Film Finances Canada [N/A] ...completion guarantor
Film Effects [Canada] ...titles and opticals
Fact or Fiction [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
Eclipse Eyewear [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
EFilm [USA] to film transfer
DGC [N/A] ...acknowledgment
Critic's Choice [N/A] (as Critics Choice Caterers Ltd.)
Corporation of the District of West Vancouver [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
Clairmont [USA] systems by
Choices Market [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
Celebrity Enterprises [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
Cannell Films [USA] ...producers wish to thank (as Cannell Films of Canada)
Canadian National Railway [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
CIS Hollywood [USA] to digital transfers
British Columbia Film [Canada] ...produced in association with
Bridge Studios, The [Canada] ...producers wish to thank (as Dominion Bridge Studios)
Background, The [N/A] ...walla group (as The Background)
Are You Experienced? [N/A] ...producers wish to thank
Aon/Ruben-Winkler Entertainment Insurance [N/A] (as Ruben-Winkler Entertainment Insurance)
Alpha Cine Motion Pictures Laboratory [N/A] lab (as Alpha Cine)
Alesis Corporation [N/A] ...producers wish to thank (makers of ADAT)
Movie Gross Admissions
Give Me Five
Moonman US$3.75(M) 632952
New Gods: Yang Jian US$3.57(M) 589812
Table for Six US$3.44(M) 715806
Song of Spring US$2.19(M) 375357
Hero US$0.87(M) 149069
Wolf Pack US$0.76(M) 159213
Septet: The Story ... US$0.75(M) 116496
Warriors of Future US$0.71(M) 118394
In Search of Lost ... US$0.68(M) 138114