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Genres:Drama Countries:Yugoslavia
Release date:1992-2-17 Yugoslavia more>>
Countries Release date Describe
Yugoslavia 1992-2-17
Italy 1992-9-2 (Venice Film Festival)
France 1992-10-21 (Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival)
Greece 1992-11-20 (Thessaloniki International Film Festival)
SouthKorea 1992-12 (Pyong Yang)
France 1993 (Laon Film Festival for Young People)
Greece 1993 (Athens International Film and Video Festival)
Italy 1993 (Giffonni Children's Film Festival)
USA 1993 (San Francisco International Film Festival)
Russia 1993-5 (Moscow International Festiaval of Films from Slavic and Ortodox Cristian Countries)
Spain 1993-9 (San Sebastián Film Festival)
France 1994-3-2
Netherlands 1995-3-23
Movie Gross Admissions
A Little Red Flower
Shock Wave 2 US$12.94(M) 2027996
Big Red Envelopes US$8.64(M) 1545585
Warm Hug US$7.53(M) 1242491
Wish Dragon US$6.37(M) 1090443
Soul US$5.58(M) 910977
The Soul US$5.09(M) 852351
Days and Nights in... US$2.51(M) 457993
A Hustle Bustle Ne... US$1.89(M) 298171
The Rescue US$0.81(M) 136500