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Genres:Fantasy Countries:Canada
Release date:2005-9-26 Canada more>>


Countries Release date Describe
Canada 2005-9-26 (Calgary Film Festival)
USA 2005-10-1 (Idaho International Film Festival)
USA 2005-11-12 (Eureka Springs Digital Film Festival)
USA 2006-2 (San Francisco Independent Film Festival)
Canada 2006-3-23 (Canadian Filmmakers' Festival)
Canada 2006-4-5
Canada 2006-8-3 (Cinefest Sudbury)
Canada 2006-9-1 (Comic Book Expo)
Canada 2006-9-30 (Okanagan Film Festival)
Canada 2006-10-2 (Edmonton International Film Festival)
Canada 2006-10-28 (Toronto Fantasy Worldwide International Film Festival)
Canada 2006-11-14 (DVD premiere)
Australia 2006-12-2 (Possible Worlds Film Festival)
Australia 2007-7-17 (Perth International Film Festival)
USA 2008-5-18 (San Jose, California)
Canada 2008-6-4 (Winnipeg International Film Festival)
USA 2008-6-10 (DVD premiere)
USA 2008-6-20 (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)
Movie Gross Admissions
Full River Red
The Wandering Eart... US$298.58(M) 39624648
Boonie Bears: Guar... US$113.15(M) 16323555
Hidden Blade US$64.18(M) 8316950
Deep Sea US$53.87(M) 7676940
Five Hundred Miles US$26.59(M) 3656319
Avatar: The Way of... US$7.01(M) 892994
Ping-pong of China US$5.52(M) 755955
Puss in Boots: The... US$0.16(M) 22180
the sky US$0.03(M) 4978