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Genres:Drama Countries:Malaysia
Release date:2002-12-5 Malaysia more>>
Countries Release date Describe
Malaysia 2002-12-5 (premiere)
France 2003-3-14 (Festival du Film Asiatique de Deauville)
HongKong 2003-4-14 (Hong Kong International Film Festival)
Singapore 2003-5-1 (Singapore International Film Festival)
USA 2003-6-22 (New York Asian American International Film Festival)
India 2003-7-24 (CINEFAN Film Festival)
Philippines 2003-8-22 (Cinemanila Film Festival)
Canada 2003-8-30 (Montréal World Film Festival)
Germany 2003-9-20 (Berlin Asia-Pacific Film Festival)
Singapore 2003-10-7 (Asian Film Symposium)
Italy 2003-11-13 (Turin Film Festival)
Netherlands 2004-1-22 (International Film Festival Rotterdam)
Thailand 2004-1-26 (Bangkok International Film Festival)
Ireland 2004-10-11 (Cork International Film Festival)
Movie Gross Admissions
The Eight Hundred
Mulan US$12.48(M) 2454951
Tenet US$9.25(M) 1686169
The Invisible Witn... US$2.44(M) 530761
Yes , I Do ! US$1.94(M) 383602
I’m Living It US$1.68(M) 343597
Love You Forever US$1.03(M) 211912
Trouble US$0.91(M) 216075
The Blue Defensive... US$0.66(M) 154670
Onward US$0.63(M) 136219