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Genres:Comedy Countries:Colombia
Release date:2008-9-26 Colombia more>>
Cast and Crew:
Directed by  |  Cast  |  Writing credits  |  Produced by  |  Original Music by  |  Cinematography by  |  Production Design by  |  Art Direction by  |  Makeup Department  |  Sound Department
Directed by:
Writing credits:
Produced by:
Adriana Arango...producer
Juan Tomás Chaves...assistant producer
Original Music by:
Cinematography by:
Production Design by:
Art Direction by:
Makeup Department:
Luz Estella Ló artist
Sound Department:
Mauricio Castañeda...foley artist
Ramiro Fierro...sound designer
Daniel Heusser...foley editor
Ivo Moraga...foley artist
Martin Seltzer...sound mixer
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