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Genres:Comedy / Drama Countries:Kyrgyzstan / Germany
Release date:2005-2-15 Germany more>>
Countries Release date Describe
Germany 2005-2-15 (Berlin International Film Festival)
France 2005-5-12 (Cannes Film Market)
Brazil 2005-9-27 (Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival)
Poland 2005-10-12 (Warsaw Film Festival)
Brazil 2005-10-21 (São Paulo International Film Festival)
France 2005-11-8 (Lyon Asiexpo Film Festival)
Morocco 2005-11-15 (Marrakech International Film Festival)
Singapore 2006-4 (Singapore International Film Festival)
Greece 2007-4-19 (Berlinale in Athens Film Festival)
Movie Gross Admissions
The Voyage of Doct...
Sheep Without A Sh... US$4.84(M) 1280753
The Enigma Of Arri... US$3.01(M) 701076
Bloodshot US$2.82(M) 696603
Interstellar US$2.76(M) 584011
Mr.Miao US$1.24(M) 257682
Sonic the Hedgehog US$1.19(M) 290922
The 23th Shanghai ... US$1.08(M) 110218
Coco US$0.74(M) 254680
Jojo Rabbit US$0.71(M) 154179