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Genres:Drama Countries:Iceland / Sweden / Germany
Release date:1995-11-9 Iceland more>>
Cast and Crew:
Directed by  |  Cast  |  Writing credits  |  Produced by  |  Original Music by  |  Cinematography by  |  Film Editing by  |  Production Design by  |  Art Direction by  |  Sound Department  |  Special Effects by  |  Costume and Wardrobe Department
Directed by:
Sturla Sighvatsson...Benjamín
Arnar Einarsson...Beggi Kúkur
Ingi Eggert Ásbjarnarson...Bíðið eftir mér / Wait for me
Pálmi Gestsson...Andrés'' Father
Guðmundir Haraldsson...Benjamín''s Father
Elva Ósk Ólafsdóttir...Benjamín''s Mother
Guðbjörg Thoroddsen...Baldur''s Mother
Writing credits:
Produced by:
Original Music by:
Cinematography by:
Film Editing by:
Production Design by:
Art Direction by:
Sound Department:
Thorbjørn Erlingsson...sound recordist
Kjartan Kjartansson...supervising sound editor
Special Effects by:
Eggert Ketilsson...special effects
Costume and Wardrobe Department:
Maria Valles...key wardrobe
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