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Genres:Fantasy / Action / Adventure / Suspense Countries:UK / USA
Release date:2007-8-10 China more>>


Warner-Lusomundo [N/A] ...(2007) (Portugal) (theatrical)
Warner Home Vídeo [N/A] ...(2007) (Brazil) (DVD)
Warner Home Video [USA] ...(2007) (USA) (DVD)
Warner Home Video [Netherlands] ...(2007) (Netherlands) (DVD)
Warner Bros Pictures [USA] ...(2007) (Singapore) (theatrical)
Warner Bros. [N/A] ...(2007) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
Sandrew Metronome Distribution [Finland] ...(2007) (Denmark) (theatrical)
Karo Premiere [N/A] ...(2007) (Russia) (theatrical)
Fox-Warner [N/A] ...(2007) (Switzerland) (theatrical)
Continental Film [N/A] ...(2007) (Slovakia) (theatrical)
Alexandra Films [Bulgaria] ...(2007) (Bulgaria) (theatrical)
Harry Potter Publishing Rights [N/A] ...(copyright owners)
Special Effects:
Foreign Office [UK] ...(main titles)
The VFX Co., Ltd [UK] ...(motion control) (as The VFX Co Ltd)
Machine [UK] ...(visual effects) (as Machine Effects Ltd)
Baseblack [UK] ...(visual effects)
Ta Yang(Xu Sheng)Special Effects Company [Australia] ...(visual effects)
Framestore CFC [UK] ...(visual effects)
Industrial Light & Magic [USA] ...(special visual effects & animation)
Moving Picture Company (MPC) [UK] ...(visual effects) (as The Moving Picture Company)
Double Negative [UK] ...(visual effects)
Cinesite [UK] ...(miniature construction and photography) (as Cinesite Europe Limited)
Warner Sunset Records [N/A] ...soundtrack
Warner Bros. Records [USA] ...soundtrack
Packair Airfreight [USA] logistics
Movie Lot, The [N/A]
Motion Control Cameras Ltd. [N/A] ...visual effects
Media Safety [N/A] & safety
Marcella C. Public Relations [USA] ...DVD publicity
London Chamber Orchestra [N/A] performed by
Light by Numbers [UK] control system
Joe Dunton & Company [UK] equipment provided by
Image Metrics [UK] ...facial animation
Gearbox Sound and Vision [UK] ...Digidesign D-Control supplied by
Flying Pictures [UK] ...aerial filming services provided by
Dolby Laboratories [USA] ...sound post-production
De Lane Lea [UK] facilities
Dakota Music Services [UK] preparation
Chamber Orchestra Of London [UK] performed by
Casting Collective [UK] ...extras casting
Audiolink Radio Communications [UK] ...walkie talkies/mobiles
Movie Gross Admissions
Dust To Dust
Expend4bles US$11.25(M) 2308968
No More Bets US$7.39(M) 1275958
Oppenheimer US$7.15(M) 1145845
Fengshen Trilogy US$3.85(M) 632349
Dancing Green US$3.31(M) 562852
A Haunting in Venice US$2.50(M) 462165
Papa US$2.01(M) 350204
All Ears US$1.24(M) 190924
The Woman in the S... US$0.61(M) 107793