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Art of War, The


Genres:Action / Thriller Countries:USA / Canada
Release date:2000-8-23 USA more>>


Chinese name:战争艺术 English:Art of War, The
Length: 117 min | Germany:116 min (cut version) | Germany:117 min (uncut version) Shooting date: -
Language:English Color:Color
MPAA: Rated R for strong violence, some sexuality, language and brief drug content.
Video Alias:
Tuntematon vihollinen
The Art of War
...Denmark / Germany
Tehni tou polemou, I
...Greece (DVD title)
Savas sanati
...Turkey (Turkish title)
Arte della guerra, L'
Arte de la guerra, El
...Argentina (video title) / Spain
Art of War
Art de la guerre, L'
...Canada (French title) / France
A Cilada
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